Welcome to Bent Window Books!

Bent Window Books is a publisher of poetry chapbooks focusing on Australian writers, with the occasional chapbook from elsewhere. 

As you can see, the press is completely new. 

Bent Window’s first chapbooks will be chosen from an open submissions period starting June 1, 2018. The accepted chapbooks will be available on this site as pdfs (see my blog post “Why pdfs?” if you’re curious about this choice).

At the moment I can’t offer payment to my writers. If I can organise funding in the future I will be paying them.

Payment for now will be in the form of editorial care given to the writer’s work, and exposure, through this site and social media. I will also be conducting interviews with Bent Window authors, which will appear on the “News” page here and will be shared on social media. And I’ll be doing my best to get the chapbooks reviewed.

I plan on publishing 4–5 chapbooks a year. 

Here’s to beginnings! 

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