Michael Chin

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Released Sept 15 2018
55 pages
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Michael Chin writes about basketball as a framework for coming of age. Distance Traveled celebrates the game’s genius for hero-making, recounts the ebbs of hope and disappointment, grief and thrill, and looks closely at the magic of basketball as a means for discovering one’s place in the world. The writing takes after the best of the game: it’s creative, nimble, and always alive with story.
—Steven Moore, winner of the 2018 AWP Award Series for Creative Nonfiction

In Distance Traveled, Michael Chin confesses to be an amateur historian and a romantic kid, one who grew up “in the glory days,” with the Shaq phenomenon and “beneath the light of Michael Jordan.” Chin believed in Magic, and after you read his chapbook, you will too.
—Josh Olsen, co-creator of Gimmick Press; editor of Working Stiff and Three-Way Dance (Gimmick Press)

Distance Traveled cuts past the heart of basketball fandom to what it means to love and grow. It’s also a cross section revealing the layered nature of nostalgia and obsession, packed with the heartache, hope, joy, and misery that accompany belief in a team. Chin’s smooth writing lifts us to the moment after a shot’s release, right up to the arc’s highest point, where anything is still possible and breath is held tight. 
—Dylan Brown, writer & teacher, published in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The CollagistGulf Coast, and others

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“I could comfortably categorize these pieces as prose poems, or maybe even micro essays, but while reading Distance Traveled, I didn’t worry about how to classify them, because I was too occupied with enjoying what Chin had written.
… In Distance Traveled, Chin documents the legendary personalities and personas of 90s NBA, but this isn’t biography in verse. This is a love letter to basketball.” 
—Josh Olsen, Red Fez

“Chin’s collection provides a fresh take on the old saw that sports is a metaphor for life.”
—Charles Rammelkamp in North of Oxford.

About the AUTHOR

Michael Chin was born and raised in Utica, New York and currently lives in Georgia with his wife and son. His chapbook, The Leo Burke Finish, is available from Gimmick Press. He won Bayou Magazine’s James Knudsen Editor’s Prize for fiction and has previously published work with journals including The Normal School, Passages North, Barrelhouse, and Hobart. Find him online at miketchin.com and follow him on Twitter @miketchin. 

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